I have just received the most marvellous service which totally exceeded my expectations. All my fencing blew down in the last storm, and as I have an escape artist masquerading as a dog, it was imperative that my garden was secured as soon as possible. I contacted Steve on a Friday and he said he would come as soon as he could and would phone first, and that it would be Sunday maybe as he was so busy. Imagine my delight when he phoned on Saturday afternoon and arrived shortly after. He was the most knowledgeable and professional of the fencing people I contacted for quotes and also took the time to explain various options to me. The quote arrived by e-mail the next day, and I was happy to accept it. I e-mailed Steve and advised him of this, and he said he would get on to it first thing Monday morning. He surely must have done, as in the early afternoon he and his colleague arrived with my new fence panels. They were going to deliver them and then come back to do the work, but as they knew about my difficulties with my dog, they said that they would slot the panels into my supports straight away so that the garden would be safe overnight, and then come back to complete the work the next day. I was very thankful for this, and I am sure that it must have disrupted their day, but they were more then happy to help me. The next day I arrived home from work to find all the work completed, all the rubbish removed, and Steve just about to leave. He again took the time to go through what had been done and why, and I was delighted to see that he had taken notice of my requirements and had made special provision for my dog in his construction of the side panels. This has been wonderful service. From contacting Steve to completion of the work was 4 days, and that over the weekend as well. I cannot recommend him highly enough, and I will be contacting him again in the New Year to do more work in for me. Thank you Steve!